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Matrix Voice

Matrix Voice-T delivers an all digital, flexible, cost-effective solution that offers increased trunking efficiency, and supports advanced calling features - over your existing infrastructure. Whether you need a traditional telephony solution or want back-up to your mission critical networks, Matrix Voice-T comes with all the features and functionality you need, all for one competitive price.

Enhance Your Network

  • Use your existing infrastructure to enable all digital communication
  • Allocate channels to adapt to changes in traffic patterns and reduce trunks required
  • Leverage advanced features to support call center applications, or to extend the life and value of an existing PBX system
  • Implement a cost-effective, robust disaster recovery/back-up solution to protect mission critical traffic

Maximum Flexibility

  • Use a seperate D channel for signaling, faster call set up times and Caller ID delivery
  • Superior digital or analog circuits connections at speeds from 56Kbps to 1.544 Mbps

Advanced Features

  • Robust, flexible solution that handles traditional telephony and data transfer requirements without costly investment in equipment or infrastructure
  • A host of FREE minutes included, depending on solution selected
  • Calling line ID - automatically match calling party information with internal databases
  • Out-of-Band Signaling - enahnce efficiency by handling all signaling from a seperate D channel
  • Non-Facilities Associated Signalling - control multiple ISDN PRI lines via one D channel
  • Back-up D Channel - add redundancy by using a spare D channel to back up call signaling for a range of ISDN PRI, T1, or other connections

Available in over 70 major metropolitan areas!

Traditional (Non-PRI)

  • EM Wink
  • Loop Start
  • Local, Long Distance, and Toll Free
  • Caller ID Options:
    • Hard-coded ANI
    • Custom ANI Delivery

ISDN PRI (23B + 1D channel)

  • Support FAS (Facility Associated Signaling) and NFAS (Non-Facility Associated Signaling)
  • Back-Up "D" Channel
  • Local, Long Distance, and Toll Free
  • Protocols supported:
    • Ni2
    • DMS100
    • ATT 4 ESS and 5 ESS

Business Applications

  • Small-Medium businesses with 20-200 employees
  • Companies with at least 10-12 trunk (POTS) lines in use
  • Companies looking to take advantage of cost savings available with dedicated phone service over switched access
  • Companies that want to benefit from newer calling features including DID, Call Forwarding, Call Center Functionality and Toll Free Service
  • Ideal solution for professional organizations, distributors, service organizations (marketing, sales, customer service), transportation

Matrix Voice-T

Available in most major metropolitan areas and carried over one of the most comprehensive host of networks in the industry, the Matrix Service Network utilizes the power and technology of some of the largest and highly regarded carriers ensuring customers will always receive network security and a 99.999% redundancy rate.

Matrix Advantage: The Power of One

Matrix Business Technologies is a recognized leader in premier voice, data and internet solutions specifically designed to help growing businesses achieve optimum results. The Matrix Advantage is unmatched, offering The Power of One:

  • One provider to bundle services and maximize savings
  • One consolidated invoice to easily manage all your communication expenses
  • One point of contact for all your service needs

It's no wonder why so many companies over the past 15 years have entrusted Matrix as their provider for mission-critical communication services.

Get a Matrix Voice-T Product Sheet here.

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