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Matrix Smartbill Connect Overview
Matrix SmartBill Connect provides you with the ability to easily review your invoice, identify and isolate trends in telecommunication services, spot misuse and find potential billing errors. Features such as standard reporting, charts and graphical account hierarchy representations, eliminate manual transcription from invoice review and reporting.
Matrix SmartBill Connect enables efficient adminstration and allocation of invoices. User-defined hierarchies and cost centers allow you to easily divide your invoice into manageable segments based upon their unique business structures. Features such as re-rating allows you to allocate portions of the invoice back to departments or clients with new rates or mark-ups.
You can leverage security based upon user permissions and sharing features to drive and expedite invoice approval and processing workflow. This automation enables you to limit paper processing, improve payment times and provide historical auditing facilities.
Time Savings
Large invoices typically require hours of management time for review and approval. Through the use of scheduled and delivered reports, the time required to collect and review data is dramatically reduced.

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